Frequently Asked Questions

Crescent Academy is Orange County's after-school learning center for
Arabic, Islamic Studies & Quran!

I heard that Crescent Academy has a unique approach to teaching Arabic. What is it?

Crescent Academy has developed a unique program that allows students to start at any time during the school year, and go through an individual track to advance their own individual pace.

What is your fee structure?

I was able to pay the application fee online, but why can't I pay the other fees online?

Crescent Academy has to approve your application before you can pay the other fees.

What is your schedule?

Do you assess the students' level of Arabic & Quran then place them? Or do they automatically go to the grade they are in regular school?

Students are placed in an individual track. They are assessed to start at their own level and advance at their own pace.

How many levels of Arabic do you offer?

Our Arabic program is 7 levels. Only the first 3 are offered in the 2018-2019 school year.

When will you offer the remaining levels of Arabic?

As our students complete the first 3 levels we will start offering the remaining levels in sequence, God willing.

How many students are there per class?

Students are not placed in classes. Instead they follow an individual plan with a Teaching Coordinator. Usually, every 5 students are placed with one Teaching Coordinator.

My child never studied Arabic before, may they still enroll?

Yes, there is no prior knowledge required.

Can my child enroll at any time of the year?

Yes! The great thing about our unique system is that students may start at any time during the school year, and they can advance at their own pace. However, enrollment is not guaranteed.

Does Crescent Academy offer financial assistance?

Yes, Quran & Islamic Studies classes are offered for free, to ALL Crescent Academy students. As for Arabic & Nouraniya Rule students, financial assistance may be available, for some families, on a case-by-case basis.

I heard that Crescent Academy no longer offers Quran & Islamic Studies, why?

Crescent Academy believes that Quran & Islamic Studies should be offered free of charge. However, due to limited resources, we are unable to offer these subjects for free at our current location. Instead, we have an alternative plan, and you may contact our front desk to learn more about it.

How can I find the answer to a question that is not listed in the FAQs?

Please submit your question in the contact section of this website or email it to us at

How can I apply for my child(ren) at Crescent Academy?

You can call us now at (949) 800-6777, or click here to visit our application page, or email us at

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