Middle School

Grades 7 & 8

Crescent Academy is currently NOT accepting applications for middle school.

Learning Objectives for Grades 7 & 8

  1. Arabic:
    • Read any Arabic word marked with diacritics (tashkeel).
    • Identify more sentence structures and components.
    • Write short essays in Arabic.
    • Read ten-digit Eastern-Arabic numerals.
    • Read and compehend an extended list of Quranic words.
  2. Islamic Studies:
    • Calculate the most commonly required types of Alms (Zakat).
    • Understand the pillars of pilgrimage.
    • Identify the traditional Islamic sciences.
    • Understand Islamic theology ('aqeeda) as per Al-Tahawi.
    • Identify the goals of Islamic law (shari'a).
    • Identify the natrual disposition of man (sunan al-fitra)
    • Identify the five guided caliphs.
    • Identify the different sects of Islam.
  3. Quran | Grade 7:
    • Memorize Matn Al-Atfal, a traditional poem on recitation (tajweed) rules, by heart.
    • Memorize Chapter 36, Yaseen (Yaseen), by heart.
    • Memorize Chapter 32, The Prostration (As-Sajda), by heart.
  4. Quran | Grade 8:
    • Memorize Chapter 20, Taa-Haa (Taa-Haa), by heart.
    • Memorize Chapter 19, Maryam (Mary), by heart.

Please note that the above learning outcomes are for students who start at the beginning of the school year in Grade 7 and continue their studies until the end of the school year in Grade 8.

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