Crescent Camps

2017 Summer Camp

July 10th to August 18th


  1. The Crescent Camps summer camp is a youth summer camp serving students from Pre-K (age 4) to middle school (age 13). The camp offers multiple activities and programs to fit the needs of the local Muslim community. In the summer of 2017, it was conveniently located in the heart of Irvine at Brywood Elementary School (an IUSD Public School). Optional lunch was available through The Lunch Mob and karate training was provided by Tajik Karate Academy. Crescent Camps is a member of the American Camp Association (ACA).

Location | Brywood Elementary School

  1. We're excited to host our Summer Camp at Brywood Elementary School right here in Irvine!

Logo - Brywood Elementary

Crescent Fit | Tajik Karate Academy

  1. We're honored to have partnered with Tajik Karate Academy to provide our students with essential self defense skills!
    • Website:
    • Sensei Alex Tajik, founder of Tajik Karate Academy, is a USA Certified Coach, has won many gold medals and is a highly experienced former national team coach, amongst other credentials and awards. You can find out more by clicking here!

Portrait of Sensei Alex Tajik Logo - Tajik Karate Academy

Lunch & Snacks | The Lunch MOB

  1. Halal meals are catered by The Lunch MOB, starting at less than $5 per day!
    • School Code: CRESCAMP
    • Call us to find out about our special discount code!

Logo - The Lunch MOB

Membership | American Camp Association

  1. Crescent Camps is now a member of the American Camp Association!

Logo - American Camp Association

Curriculum | Preschool to Grade 8

  1. Arabic:
    • Numbers & colors
    • Shapes & sizes
    • Food items
    • Friends & family
    • Home items
  2. Arts & Crafts:
    • Beeds
    • Drawing/Painting
    • Paper Crafts
    • Rainbow looms
    • Other Activities
  3. Crescent Fit:
    • Basketball
    • Self Defense
    • Soccer
  4. Games:
    • Indoor games
    • Outdoor games
  5. Quran | Reading & Memorization:
    • Select verses of the holy Quran
  6. Quran | Recitation Rules:
    • Nouraniya Rule
  7. Islamic Studies:
    • The appearance of Prophet Muhammad, PBUH
    • The character of the Prophet, PBUH
    • The lineage of the Prophet, PBUH
    • Mothers of the believers
    • Children of the Prophet, PBUH
    • Grandchildren of the Prophet, PBUH
  8. Social Studies:
    • Maps, country names & population sizes
    • Flags & languages
    • National anthems
    • Presidents, kings & leaders
    • Ethnic clothing
    • Ethnic food
  9. Technology | Grades 3 thru 8:
    • Intro to Photography
    • Intro to Digital Photo Processing
    • Intro to Videography
    • Intro to Video Editing
    • Intro to Web Development | HTML
    • Intro to Web Development | CSS

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