About Crescent Academy

Crescent Academy is Orange County's after-school learning center for
Arabic, Islamic Studies & Quran!


To provide Arabic and Islamic education for Muslim children in America.


To become the best after-school learning center for Arabic, Islamic Studies & Quran, in America, by 2020.


To teach young Muslims Arabic, Islamic Studies & Quran in order to prepare them for the future in a manner consistent with the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah.

Core Values

Leading to Piety











Our Team

Striving to follow the model of our Prophet PBUH

Imam Ahmad El Gamal

Ahmad El Gamal

President & Imam

Ahmad El Gamal was born in Giza, Egypt. He is a businessman, an educator and an Imam. His experience in education includes founding New Vision International School and co-founding New Generation International School. He currently studies online, at Al-Azhar University in Egypt, to complete his B.A. in Islamic Sciences. Imam Ahmad holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Certificate in Islamic Leadership from Bayan Claremont. Imam Ahmad lives in Irvine and is a father of four.

Dr. Maiada Hajahbo

Dr. Maiada Hajahbo

Head of Arabic Language Department

Dr. Maiada Hajahbo was born in Rakka, Syria. She is a highly qualified and experienced educator having previously taught at Georgetown University in Doha, Qatar as an Arabic Language professor. She holds a B.A. in Arabic Language & Literature from Aleppo University, Syria, a Masters of Art in Education with an emphasis in Arabic Language & Literature from Aleppo University, Syria and a Ph.D. in Arabic Language & Islamic Studies from the University of Graduate Theological Foundation, Indiana, USA. Dr. Maiada lives in Irvine and is a mother of four.

Ms. Mona Al Rebdawi

Mona Al Rebdawi

Head of Islamic Studies Department

Mrs. Mona was born in Daraa, Syria. She is a highly experienced teacher in Islamic Education and Quran. She taught Elementary, Middle and High School students. She graduated from the Syrian University in Damascus with a B.A. in Religious Studies and is certified in the Nouraniya Rule for Quran. Mrs. Mona lives in Irvine and is a mother of five.

Ms. Manal Al Homsi

Manal Al Homsi

Early Childhood Teacher

Mrs. Manal was born in Damascus, Syria. She is highly experienced in teaching Arabic & Quran to children of all ages. Mrs. Manal engages students with her creative teaching methods. She has been a teacher at various Islamic institutions for many years and has a Child Development Certificate from UCLA. Mrs. Manal lives in Irvine and is a mother of three.

Ms. Nesreen Hamarneh

Nesreen Hamarneh

Substitute Teacher

Ms. Nesreen was raised in Egypt and has a Palestinian heritage. She taught at many public and private schools for more than a decade. She took several classes and certificates in Education and Child and Adolescent Development. Ms. Nesreen lives in Irvine.

Our Story

Crescent Academy was founded by a father of four children with a passion for education and experience in founding and managing private schools in his native country of Egypt. Like so many parents, he searched for an effective method to teach his children Arabic, Islamic & Social Studies that was affordable and conveniently located. The available choices were either extremely expensive private Islamic schools that taught all subjects, hence, were not able to focus their resources on Arabic & Islamic Studies, or the common weekend or evening schools that did not provide the adequate quality and care that most parents want for their children.

Being a resident of Irvine, home to one of the best school districts in the nation, he thought why not benefit from the high quality of education provided by public schools and supplement that with focused, high quality, afterschool learning? Why waste resources on subjects such as Maths, English, Science, etc, that are already provided by public schools for free, paid for by our tax dollars, when what we really need to spend money on is Arabic, Islamic & Social Studies. This is especially applicable in Elementary school where the public schools are safe for most students because, at that age, most students are too young to face the troubles in Middle and High School that many parents want to protect their children from, such as drugs, liquor, and sex.

Hence, Crescent Academy was established! It provided the high quality education and care that most parents want for their children at a fraction of the cost of expensive private Islamic schools, while focusing 100 percent of the resources on Arabic, Islamic Studies, Quran, and Social Studies. Crescent Academy is simply the smarter way to invest in your child for this life and the next!

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